5 Steps to Turn Your Blog Into a Profitable, Location-Independent Business


This is a picture of me working in my virtual office in Honolulu, Hawaii!

I have all my mail sent there, where the receptionist opens and scans my mail for me when I’m on the road, which is most of the time.

At this point in my life, I consider myself to be “location-independent” – which simply means that I have the ability to live and work from anywhere in the world…as long as I have a laptop and an internet connection!

If you’re not familiar with my story, you may be wondering…how does Rosetta travel so much?

The answer is NOT that I inherited a bunch of money from my grandparents or that I have a rich hubby.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I definitely haven’t walked down the aisle yet.

So how do I do it?

The short version is that back in 2007, I started a professional blog, which led to me starting my first business as a nonprofit consultant, speaker, trainer and coach.

For 2 years, I ran my consulting practice on the side, earning an extra $10,000-$20,000 a year on top of my 9 to 5 salary.

In 2010, I resigned from my job and I’ve been working for myself full-time ever since!

In 2013, I took my second business – Happy Black Woman – full-time and in a year grew it to over $100,000 in revenue.

Fast forward to 2015 and my business has almost DOUBLED to multiple 6-figures, all while I’ve been wandering around the world over the past year, including trips to Mexico, France, Israel, Argentina and Indonesia!

But none of this happened by accident.

Every day, I do the work it takes to bring in clients and customers – consistently.

In fact, throughout the last 8 years, there are a few steps that I’ve followed, over and over again, to launch my businesses, grow my income and create my freedom-based lifestyle.

Here are the exact 5 steps I’ve taken in my journey that you can use to build your own profitable, location-independent business!

Step #1: Define Your Online Brand

The main challenge for anyone who wants to build a profitable online business is not having a PLATFORM with an active and engaged audience who wants to buy your products and services. It’s very difficult to make money online when no one knows who you are! In this critical first step, you need to get your blog set up properly, develop a clear focus for your online brand and give new visitors a reason to read your site.

Step #2: Create Useful Content

Setting up your blog is only the first step of putting yourself out there online. If you actually want to attract readers, you have to provide them with useful content – on a consistent basis. With millions of blogs online today, it can be difficult to stand out amidst all the noise. As part of this process, you need to develop a regular posting schedule and prevent the dreaded “blogger’s block” that can kill your momentum and sabotage your success.

Step #3: Generate Consistent Traffic

Once you have your blog set up and some great content available on your site, the next question you will be faced with is: WHERE do you find readers who are actually interested in what you have to say? Fortunately, there are numerous FREE tools you can use to drive people to your site, if you know how to use them correctly. In this phase, it’s important to avoid the frustration of hearing “crickets” every time you write a new blog post and experience increased pageviews, shares and comments instead.

Step #4: Grow Your Email List

You’ve heard it before – the money is in your list! Your EMAIL list, that is. I started building my email list back in 2008, but I didn’t really take the process seriously until years later. Big mistake! Your email list is the source of your most loyal blog readers as well as a valuable pool of potential clients and customers. During this step, it’s essential for you to learn how to leverage your blog to start building your email list right from the beginning so that you can reap the benefits much faster than I did!

Step #5: Monetize Your Blog

Now that you have everything in place with your online presence, you’re ready to say, “show me the money!” But before you can start earning an income through your blog, there are some simple, yet critical tools you need to be ready to receive new clients and customers. Many people make the the mistake of trying to start with this step, but it only works well when you understand exactly how to monetize your blog using the most profitable “location-independent” income streams available today.

If you know that now is the time for YOU to take that leap and start “putting yourself out there” online, I invite you to enroll in my brand new monthly membership program…


The Happy Black Woman Business Academy is Rosetta’s brand new monthly membership program designed to provide black women entrepreneurs with the business training AND personal development necessary to build a successful location-independent business and lifestyle. Join a dynamic sisterhood of like-minded women where you can come and get the training, support and accountability you need to stop allowing your fears and doubts to hold you back from stepping into the possibility of more happiness, more money and more freedom.

As an Academy member, you’ll receive a monthly motivational email from Rosetta including a special playlist, powerful journaling prompts as well as book recommendations that will guide you in doing your own inner work. Then – once per month, you will participate in a LIVE Masterclass with Rosetta or one of her guest experts on topics designed to help you build a successful location-independent business and freedom-based lifestyle on YOUR terms. Every month, you will also join Rosetta for a LIVE Group Coaching Call where you can ask her ANYTHING and get laser coaching on any aspect of your business or life. Throughout the month, you will be able to get support, insight and feedback from your Academy sisters in our private, members-only Facebook Group. You will also be encouraged to select an Accountability Partner from the group that you will meet with each week to help you stay on track as you work on your goals in the Business Academy.


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