Political Prisoner - Al-Amin Jamil...

Political Prisoner - Al-Amin Jamil...

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Birthday: October 4, 1943 Affiliation: Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee Captured: 2000- Life No Parole (Georgia to Federal custody) IN PRISON 19+ YEARS The prosecutor in the Atlanta case after the conviction said, "After 24 years we've finally gotten him," which means the prosecutor was counting back to the day when Jamil walked out of a prison in New York City. So this case in Atlanta...was and is an extension of the targeting." - Karima Al-Amin, Attorney & Wife in extensive San Francisco Bay View article [photo: Imam Jamil with his son Kairi when he was a child – Kairi is now an attorney practicing law with his mother, Karima Al-Amin.] New Trial For Imam Jamil Al-Amin FKA H. Rap Brown https://whathappened2rap.com/

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Direct Link: https://www.unitedblacklibrary.org/blogs/political-prisoners-in-america/political-prisoner-al-amin-jamil-abdullah
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