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    The Black Madonna - African American, Black Activist, Black Power, BlackLives Matter, Influential, Poetry - Black History and Literature Library

    The Black Madonna

    The Black Madonna 

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    A statue or painting of Mary in which she is depicted with dark or black skin, the Black Madonna images are among the oldest Madonna images in the world.

    Black has to do with the earth and with the feminine aspect, which is unfathomable and deep. It was seen as being dark and threatening, which is not true. The light comes from the heavens, the dark and the black from the earth. The Black Madonna locations were called black because people associated them with witchcraft. Miracles happened at these spots. The people who visited the statues received gifts, such as being healed of severe diseases. That could not be explained by common sense, so it was then supposed to come from the dark, the black side. In any case, women were not to be trusted. The miracles have not yet ceased: Black Madonnas, holy Madonnas, enlightened Madonnas – now they will come. Despite the terrible times we live in. Or perhaps thanks to these terrible times.

    Black Madonnaʼs – also called Black Virgins – bear a secret. Itʼs the mystery of the original creative force, a mystery that is also enclosed within the genetic blueprint of every human. This mystery was obscured by the Church. The Black Madonna symbolizes the energy of the Primal Mother also called the feminine Principle, Sacred Feminine, (Great) Mother, Eternal Mother or Goddess. Her name is not really important – what matters is the essence.