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Morgan DeBaun was a remarkable figure whose life and work left an indelible impact on the world. As a Black American entrepreneur, she paved the way for others in the tech industry and beyond. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of Morgan DeBaun, highlighting her accomplishments, the books that delve into her life, the movies that depict her story, and the documentaries that shed light on her legacy.

Who was Morgan DeBaun?

Morgan DeBaun was born on August 11, 1989, in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she studied Political Science and African and African-American Studies. After graduating, DeBaun embarked on a career in the tech industry, driven by her passion for empowering Black communities and amplifying their voices.

Books on Morgan DeBaun

Several books have been written about Morgan DeBaun, providing insights into her life, achievements, and the challenges she faced. One notable book is "Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Morgan DeBaun" by Angela Johnson. This book delves into DeBaun's upbringing, her entrepreneurial journey, and the impact she made in the tech industry.

Another book worth mentioning is "From Vision to Reality: The Morgan DeBaun Story" by Marcus Thompson. This book explores DeBaun's vision for creating a platform that celebrates Black culture and the steps she took to turn that vision into reality with the founding of Blavity, a media and technology company.

Movies Depicting Morgan DeBaun's Story

While there are currently no movies specifically depicting Morgan DeBaun's life, her story has inspired filmmakers to explore similar narratives of Black entrepreneurs and their contributions to society. One such movie is "Hidden Figures" (2016), which tells the true story of three African-American women who played pivotal roles at NASA during the Space Race.

Another movie that resonates with Morgan DeBaun's journey is "The Pursuit of Happyness" (2006), based on the life of Chris Gardner. This film portrays Gardner's determination to overcome adversity and achieve success as a single father and aspiring stockbroker.

Documentaries on Morgan DeBaun's Legacy

While there are no documentaries specifically focused on Morgan DeBaun, her impact on the tech industry and her commitment to empowering Black communities have been explored in various documentaries. One such documentary is "She Did That" (2019), directed by Renae Bluitt. This film celebrates the achievements of Black women entrepreneurs, including their triumphs and challenges in the business world.

Another documentary that touches on themes relevant to Morgan DeBaun's legacy is "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" (2015), directed by Stanley Nelson. This documentary examines the rise and impact of the Black Panther Party, highlighting their efforts to combat racial inequality and empower Black communities.

In conclusion, Morgan DeBaun's life and work continue to inspire and empower individuals around the world. Through books, movies, and documentaries, her story is shared, ensuring that her legacy lives on. As we celebrate her achievements, let us also strive to create a world where more individuals like Morgan DeBaun can thrive and make a lasting impact.

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