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    Ancient African King - Aphilas - Africa, African King, Ancient King - Black History and Literature Library

    Ancient African King - Aphilas

    Aphilas (early 4th century) was a King of the Kingdom of Aksum in East Africa modern day northern Ethiopia and Eritrea . He is known from the coins he minted, which are characterized by a number of experiments in imagery on the obverse, and being issued in fractions of weight that none of his successors copied.

    G.W.B. Huntingford suggests that he was the ruler who erected the anonymous inscription at Adulis known as the Monumentum Adulitanum.

    Aphilas produced the smallest gold coins ever minted in sub-saharan Africa, equivalent to one sixteenth of a Roman aureus. The obverse of this coin features not only his portrait, but the crescent and disc symbolic of the pre-Christian beliefs of Axum. The reverse features his name and title rendered in Greek, the lingua-franca of the civilized world at that time. Note that the "A"s lack a horizontal crossbar but have a dot placed below them instead.

    His silver coin features his portrait on both the obverse and reverse with the disc and crescent (at top). The reverse reveals a distinguishing feature of Axumite coinage; gilding. The reverse interior portrait is overlaid with gold.

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