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    Ancient African God - Eshu

    Èṣù is an Òrìṣà/Irúnmọlẹ̀ in the isese religion of the Yoruba peopleÈṣù is a prominent primordial Divinity (a delegated Irúnmọlẹ̀ sent by the Olódùmarè) who descended from Ìkọ̀lé Ọ̀run, and the Chief Enforcer of natural and divine laws - he is the Deity in charge of the law enforcement and orderliness. As the religion has spread around the world, the name of this Orisha has varied in different locations, but the beliefs remain similar.

    Èṣù is so influencing, powerful, ever relevant, and ubiquitous to the extent of having everyday of the whole four-days (ancient/traditional) Yorùbá week as his day of worship (Ọjọ́ Ọ̀ṣẹ̀) unlike all other Irúnmọlẹ̀s and Òrìṣàs (primordial Divinities and deified Ancestors cum Spirits; "ọjọ́ gbogbo ni ti Èṣù Ọ̀darà".

    This controversial cognomen; A-bá-ni-wá-ọ̀ràn-bá-ò-rí-dá (He-who-creates-problems-for-the-innocent) comprehensively explain how pervasive the complexity of the mischief and the level of the misunderstanding of the exact nature of this highly unpredictable Deity called Èṣù Ọba Ọ̀dàrà (who specially had his abode at crossroads) across all the strata of our society in general and spiritual communities in particular.

    Irúnmọlẹ̀ Èṣù is a very temperamental Deity in the pantheon of Yorùbá Deities, and the embodiment of two edged swords approach to all and every issues. He is a very skillful Divinity who always does his works and performed his duties effectively in exceptional circumstances and extremely extraordinary ways.

    Èṣù is actually a Personification of Mischief; he is the one who teaches everybody that there is always two sides or more to every issues. And this primordial spirit did superb things! He balanced and created directions. Èṣù is so necessary to an ordered life! According to Oluwo Aderemi Ifaoleepin Aderemi from Oyo Alaafin, To the criminals and criminally minded who dwells and celebrates wickedness, injustice, and immorality and unrighteous people, Èṣù Láàlù is evil and devilish, and whilst Láaróyè Ajọ́ńgọ́lọ̀ Ọkùnrin Òde is an awesome and persuasive Divinity to the pious and morally upright people who places premium values on justice, morality, and good character.

    Èṣù is the real Messenger not only to the Olódùmarè, but also to the other Irúnmọlẹ̀s/Òrìṣàs. He is also the intermediary between Ajoguns (evil spirits) to the Irúnmọlẹ̀s/Òrìṣàs and the ẹ̀dá èèyàn (human beings); he is the one who distributes, and also supervises the distribution of sacrifices (ẹbọ) to the Ajoguns; always.

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